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Head of department: Dr. Amir Engel

Department Secretary: Ms. Meital Biton
Tel : +97225883581
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From the Chair of the Department

Welcome to the website of the Department for German Language and Literature. This is the only department in Israel where you can engage in German studies. I want to introduce our department to you which is undergoing a process of renewal and change both in its program and its basic orientation. Here you will find a short description of the study program and the different stages of the study program and possible fellowships.

Here, I want to invite you read more about our department and its orientation here. You will find my answer to the question "Why Should I Study German Literature?" here. Here I say a few words on the special interrelation between German literature, German cultural history and the unique role of German Jewish literature, between Enlightenment and Shoah, in the Weimar Republic, in divided Germany after the Second World War and in the Berlin Republic.

The Department of German Language and Literature provides students with instruction in German language, literature, and culture from the 18th century until the present. We work in close cooperation with the excellent Languge Center. Special emphasis is placed on the exploration of German-Jewish literature from the 19th century to the present time. The department offers its B.A. students scholarships to study German language and culture in German speaking countries during the summer months. It also offers its advanced students the opportunity to take some of their MA or PhD. courses at German universities.

Please come to visit us in order to get more information and advice. We will be happy to help you and answer your questions in more detail.  


-Prof. Christoph Schmidt
Prof. Christoph Schmidt